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Monday, June 23, 2008

On Strawberry this past weekend

My brother in law was in town and wanted to go fishing. We rigged him up in the H3 and the Hubby and myself in the NFO Navigator II (I say NFO cause there is another Navigator II that is a "U" tube.....not even close ) We got on the water about 10:00 am. It was a little breezy, but not too bad. We launched at a tributary of Indian Creek Bay.

We had to kick out quite a ways to get out of the Tributary since it is not open to fishing till July some time.

I got out into the bay first. To start off I used a depth charge line and a crayfish imitation. As I was floating I noticed on my sonar that several fish were hanging about a foot off the bottom (around 16'). Since nothing was happening I figured what the heck and threw on an indicator and a black and red chironomid.

The guys didn't even bring their floating line as we never deep nymph there.

Well despite the full moon, fishing was very good for me:
Fish on !!

The first of what ended up to be many fish
to be brought to hand:

Safe Release:

This is my third one.. where's yours:

Hey!! are you guys actually fishing..
or just talking to each other??

Yet another beautiful fish caught and released

Just another day of fishing on the Strawberry:

I dont think I could do what I do without my
faithful companion and fishing buddy...
Baxster :-)

I did miss several, but it was steady action for about an hour or so. Once the action died off I went back to a full sink line and the crayfish imitation. I was able to land a very nice 24". To put it into perspective the fly is 4" long.

Overall it was a GREAT DAY! for me. The guys had one fish each, but only with
my guidance. :-)

Mojo's 26" beauty:


kais4795 said...

Very nice fish. I have fished Strawberry a few times through the ice, but never in the summer. I am going to have to find a way to get over there some time. Looks like a blast.

Tight Lines: A Flygal Blog....... said...

looks like a fin sistah day ;), Nice job Joni!