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Monday, July 21, 2008

They Still Like My Flies (8 July 2008)

I had to work the 4th, so we went up North Saturday and stayed until yesterday morning. Damsel flies were every where, but the fishies still preferred my Chironomids. Water temps are getting up there so, it was all very quick releases for the fish's well being.

This lake is stocked with Kamloop and anyone not familiar with this breed, they are a very fast growing trout, and fight better than just about any trout out there (except maybe Tiger). Massive numbers of fish taken all day with 18" to 22" being the norm with the majority measuring in at around 21" average.

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John said...

Ok. Officially, you're killing me. Have seen your pictures (ahem), on the float tube forum and you always seem to catch trout in the lakes. Henry's Fork, etc. Well I don't live out west any more (no more seeing your picture hanging up in the "Rancher") but i have found a lake that has trout in it. The problem is that I've no clue how to lake/fly fish for trout. Deepest part is over 65' and the surface temp is 76+ degrees. I have some chromiods tied but could seriously use some advice from you and the old man. Btw, I am fishing from a tube but no sonar.

Any tips?