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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November Creek Action ....

With the weather being unseasonably warm yet, I went up the canyon for a little creek action. A little snow still on the ground from a week ago:

I followed the board walk finding several nice pools and riffs:

My equipment choice today was the Orvis 7' 4 weight full flex four piece "Trout Bum" coupled with the CFO reel and Sharkskin "TROUT" WF4. with a 6' furled leader. Haresear in a #14 was the ticket.

Bit chilly on the hands, and a quick reminder WHAT time of year it is but definately a great day to be on the water !!!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

October at Nelle'

In late October I met up with some fellow tubers at Jordanelle. It took awhile to find them however, as there was a nice layer of fog hanging right on top the water. Since their cars were there I knew they were there. I knew they were there because their cars were there.

The fog slowly dissipated leaving nice calm water.

The water was filled with the fall moss and it was pretty thick in spots.

The moss didn't seem to affect the fishing much though. I had a nice 16 fish landed day with sizes ranging from 16" to 19"

Fly of choice was Bill Schiess's Mighty Mouse (in fishes mouth) and Kelly Galloup's BROWN Egg Sucking Sculpin' in a #4.

All fish were quickly and safely released back into the water.