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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Trip to November 16th 2008

Strawberry, 7,600+ feet elevation. Home to Bear Lake and Bonneville Cutthroat, sterile Rainbow, and Koke. Got to the Lake Sunday Morning around 9:30. Air Temp was in the upper 30's and water temp in the mid 40's. A little alarming on the weather being mid November:

Beautiful day, with no wind.....until.....WE hit the water. Thinking the fish had moved into the shallows by now, and could be a bit lethargic, we went in slow and easy, plus 10' to 20' of water. A few bumps here and there, and finally a few to the net:

Did okay for about an hour then it died off. I headed back towards the dock in an attempt to go to the other side where there had been boats and tubers earlier. When I got over to the ramp, I noticed everyone was gone. Thought to myself, this could be a slow day…..I was now in 40+' of water and BAM! Fish on, and on, and on. I was catching one right after the other. I was using very FAST sinking line, a weighted fly, and with the wind pushing me, plus the long strips, a VERY fast retrieve.

Killed my first idea about the fish being sluggish and shallow.

Fly of the day was a #4 Chub Pattern introduced to me by Jason Haslem:

The fish mutilated this fly.

Final count for the day (9:30 to 2:00) over 30 fish in the 18" to 24" range.

Great day! The trip home down the canyon was very similar to late September landscape: