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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A little more about me and what I do.......

Along with my passion for fishing and guiding, I look for new things to try and make life even more wonderful. First it was fly tying and the rush from a fish taking my creation, not just once but several times. More recently, I got into making my own Furled Leaders. I got a DVD that tells it all from Kathy Scott. I got her style and recipe down and loved the finished product. From there I tried other recipes and came up with others for heavier gear. I then found tippet rings that not only made production easier, the LEADERS last longer. I still do a small "SHORB" loop on the line end for a nice loop to loop connection. I am now selling these in a 5' line weight 2 to 4, a 5 1/2' line weight 4 to 6, and a 6' in line weight 4 to 6. I also customize them for special applications and add Kevlar for bigger species. I have sent leaders to special fly tying friends and in return they have sent me beautiful flies.

Here are a few:

Guy Montera contact at

Nome aka: Fly Gal contact at

Mike Janosko aka: Shorthaul:

Thank you all, they have earned their place in my special fly box:

My leaders are made out of Uni Thread, MONO, and Nylon. They are in various colors, and I have them with built in indicators, like one pictured on the left. I also have them with 2 mm or 3 mm rings. For more information and pricing please contact me at

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