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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Glass On the Provo

We got word a week ago that Cameron and Mt. Shark were coming to the city of Salt. Excited to meet them, but a little dissapointed that it was this time of year. Looking forward to fishing with them but the rivers are all blown. So, the Hubby and I took a quick trip up Millcreek to check that out and not good. We then decided that the Middle Provo would be the spot. Cameron's flight was delaid so he didn't arrive till 4 pm. We met up at the River Road and hit the river around 6. Beautiful evening, but the river had taken on a whole new personality. Off shoots everywhere. There was a BWO hatch coming off, but no risers. We walked up river a ways, but the word FAST AND HIGH just kept coming to mind. Found a nice riff into a pool, so I threw out a small damsel nymph on a 6' mono furled leader and 3' fluoro tippet. I was using 3 "BB" split shot and a "Thingamabobber" indicator set at the 7 1/2' mark. BAM! fish on, but LDR..... tried again a little farther up, same thing. Everyone was striking out. Finally the old man had an LDR then Cameron, but Mt Shark still nothing. Sun started to go behind the mountain and it was cooling off, so we headed back. I stopped at one of the spots we had tried earlier and threw on a RED San Juan Worm on the 7 1/2' mark and a tan at a 6' (right off the ring of the furled leader). Rolled it out about 30 to 40' and let it drift. Indicator went down, so I pulled, but no hook set. I rolled it out again, same thing but this time Mr. Brown wasn't so lucky. I am standing there with bent rod looking for the guys which are no where around (of Course) That's okay, I netted and GOT A PICTURE HA! You will note however, no rod/reel in picture. Well, I took my lami, but I knew I was going to be using weight (at one point a full sink line) so, I was using the JWF...sorry no glass here on this one. Here are a few pictures:

Here is the Mr. Brown that did not get away ( until I released him that is... )

Here is Cameron hard at work:

and here is the old man and Mt. Shark GOOD TIMES guys, sorry the fish weren't more co-operative.

Let's do it again soon! FG

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