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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Eight day trip....

We plan our week long trip in September every year. 

We arrived mid afternoon on the Sat. 17th.   Right out of the gate, hubby says he has a killer headache, so we set up camp, he laid down and I headed for a hike and some rivers.  Storm moved in and it got wet

Had a blast on the rivers using my Hardy "The Test" four weight.
Caught Brookies, Cutthroats, Rainbows and Whities

They liked California Leeches:

Thought this was cool pic of the whitie swimming away

Our camp was perfect

And one stretch of the river I fished

Bummer is, we drove over 300 miles for this week of fishing the lake, but the hubby's head was not going to have it.   Maybe sinus, or stress, but it came and went all day long the whole week, so we only managed two days of about three hours each on the lake.

We made it count.  First off, the clouds were cool as heck:

We did the state boat dock, so the Brookies are a lot lighter colored than what I have seen on the other side of the lake.  Has to be something to do with their surroundings, I guess, but here is one of my Brook Trout

And here is a few of the Cutts:

All were quickly released

OH!   They were all caught on a Black and Purple Gartside Softhackle
and Type  II Line

On the trip home, about the time we passed Last Chance, a sportsman and one of the bosses from Trout Hunter was getting mauled by a bear. Spooky stuff!
But the view was nice, very sad to be leaving it....