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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


With gas prices going off the charts, we are now forced to look for closer waters to fish.
This opens the door to new species also.

There is a major river that runs through town within walking distance from my home. I began to walk the river always looking for movement under water. Finally, last year I noticed a rainbow moving about in the water. I ran home and grabbed my gear and headed back.

The trees and bushes, plus high banks does make fishing with a fly rod a challenge.

But, as they say, where there is a will......

Hanging with my left hand from a branch of a tree, I flung my line out the best I could. On that outing I landed one sick looking carp and Crappie and a White Bass.

Then this year, I returned but to a different section and found a honey hole. So far, I've caught small carp to 30", several at a time.

These are Grass Carp, so a heavier weight rod and line are required.

And the Koi do add color:

The two specialty flies I use come from the "RAINY'S CARP COLLECTION".



I think I have found a new species of fish to go after and a good way to save some money as well.

Monday, July 21, 2008

They Still Like My Flies (8 July 2008)

I had to work the 4th, so we went up North Saturday and stayed until yesterday morning. Damsel flies were every where, but the fishies still preferred my Chironomids. Water temps are getting up there so, it was all very quick releases for the fish's well being.

This lake is stocked with Kamloop and anyone not familiar with this breed, they are a very fast growing trout, and fight better than just about any trout out there (except maybe Tiger). Massive numbers of fish taken all day with 18" to 22" being the norm with the majority measuring in at around 21" average.