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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

October Recap

Did a lot more Camping this year but stayed closer to home.



Weather was good and bad but the fishing was worth it.

Several two at once.

Even kept one for dinner

The fog was the fun times


When the fly supply got low, I tied more


Even Baxter was nice and relaxed

Never too cold to fish

Late October trip up north for the only visit to this long time favorite lake this year.

Love this place cause we can camp right by the water.


It rained the majority of the trip but tat never matters there

The fish are spectacular

And CHIRONOMIDS work great


All but one were released for another day

Not done with the open water yet, but I do see rivers in the future.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Henry's Lake June 2013

I got a message asking if my hubby and I wanted to hit Henry's Lake in Idaho in June. I typically go in later September but I was up for a road trip plus I love fishing the rivers up there.

We got there Wednesday afternoon just before a storm and set up camp.

I went down to the river for awhile and caught some nice little cutts, brookies, white fish and this little guy. He actually put a bend in the rod.. or maybe it was the current.

A few more of the ones that did not "get away".

We got out to the lake for a couple of hours each day but the weather was a big factor.

We had one really nice evening but it was cold.

Now for a little fish action. Nothing big like the good ol' days but these guys can still make your arm sore.

Now the bad news. The really nice wooden net with the ghost basket is gone to the freeway. I was totally bummed, but it was still a great weekend. It is just a net after all .. :-(