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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

While several of our friends went farther north for the big opening at Henry's we stopped about half way at another Idaho lake. I call this lake Chironomid Heaven cause they WORK. It is deeper lake with 50 to 60' at deeper points. I generally fish the 20' mark. We got there Sat. morning and set up camp. Got out on the water with instant action. I fished mainly the deep nymph 20' leader with a chironomid at the bottom and one three feet up. We caught well over 60 fish each with 2 to 3 hour outings before weather changed. Monday rained all day with gust of wind, but turned out that shore fishing was working just as well. All fish very healthy with a16" to 24" being the normal (nothing under 16") Here is the kicker, I have several upper end rods, but recently bought a new Eagle Claw Glass rod (6 wt. 6') off e-bay for like $10. I and I decided to use it for fun. The line cost more than the rod let alone the reel! What a hoot! This thing was bent to the max everytime, but I do think it helped on the hook sets and the leader.

Fiberglass rod being put to the test:

One of many fish:

Here's another one:

Fish On !!:


Kinda cold but I still got a fish:

Underwater picture:


Ben said...

Sounds like a great lake. I am heading up to Idaho for three days. One day we are going to hit Henry's Lake. I remember seeing the pic of that hog you caught there on UTOF, wow! Any tips? I'll be there second week in June and I am hoping to run into some damsels

Joni said...

BS Flies! "Hot Chocolate" is the fly that has caught me more fish. I use Intermediate on calm days and switch to Type II if windy. I fish from a pontoon, so I do move with the wind.
I cast as far as I can then kick back and peel more line off. Sometimes, almost to my backing. Then I strip in with a couple of quick strips then a long one.
The thing is, the Cutts are not meat eaters or so the studies have shown. They will hit lures cause they are aggressive.
Good luck!

Captain Mary said...

Hey lady angler, so glad to see I am not alone out there. I would love for you to post one of tall tails on my site, it would be a priveledge.
hope to hear from you soon

Seo Ninja said...

your article is this very helpful thanks for sharing..............:)