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Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Henry's Lake - September, 2010

The yearly week trip up north has come and gone. But the memories will live on. Loaded up the NEW trailer and headed to a good friend (Bob) cabin.

He invited us to set up camp on his property with hook-ups. What a guy. Did I mention Bob has his own way of catching fish?

The camp site was fantastic:

Now on to the details. This was what the fish were eating:

So, this is what we offered (before water and after water):

Well it worked, "Game On"....

And the trophy at 26"

Brookies were to be had this trip as well:

All were safely released:

I even had a BAT try to board my pontoon:

Weather was do-able but it still had it's moments:

But the bend was on:

So, till next year we will hold on to these memories:

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