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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall at Strawberry

Sunday Morning September 26th, as we got close there was the mist cloud hanging over the harbor ..

We arrive at the Soldier Creek launch ramp at around 8:30.
Air was around 38° and water was glass smooth with no breeze.

Saw good friends Zach and Brianna already getting into the swing:

I loaded up and grabbed my Navigator ("B" dog) and we hit the open waters.

Fishing began slow but soon "caught" on..

Of course "B" dog had to inspect every fish caught and give a little MOUTH TO MOUTH...


For the majority of the trip I was using a TYPE II sinking line and a Chub Pattern by Jason Haslem and also my LEECH

A stomach pump revealed some great Chironomids as in the picture with my imitations

A day fishing with my best friends (hubby and dog) and two new found friends was perfect enough, but to add to that, the last fish of the day for me turned out to be a double.

First fish a nice 20"ish Rainbow on the Chub pattern ....

.... and a 25" Cutt on the Leech, which I was unable to fit into my net, so Zach saved the day

All were safely released back into the water ….

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