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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Urban Bone Fish

Gas prices on the rise, had to look a little closer for the fishing needs. The Jordan River runs across the state for miles and miles. So, just pick a spot and give it a shot.

There are a number of species to be found.

Gold Fish


Bass (white, LM, SM)

But, the real attraction, for me! is the 28" to 35" Carp to be had. These are freight trains! Solid as a all heck.

With an 8 weight rod:


Then I got the new ALLEN'S FLY FISHING reel and the new ats rod. A 6wt and a little scary, but it did the job:

The fly that catches these monsters.....a softhackle Glow Bug in Sparkle Yellow tied on ALLEN'S SW001 #6 Hook. This is a Rainy's Carp fly:


JM said...

Joni, glad to see you into the "alternative species" thing.

Well done.

fishing bamboo said...

those are some beautiful carp. I used to think they were easy to catch, until I started to try to catch them. I have caught them on the LA River. They spoke easier then trout, depending on the area.

utah fly goddess said...

Thanks, they are an addiction for me now