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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fourth of July fishing weekend.....

This past Fourth of July weekend was the first one in about twenty five years that I wasn't playing music; so we packed up and headed NORTH ….

A cold front came through hard and heavy that left us with temperatures in the highs fifties. Granted, we are use to the colder temps while at this special lake, but, that is in the fall! This has been an unusual start to the summer and these colder weather patterns have been putting the fish catching off ….

We were greeted by the locals …..

and some that looked like Aliens from a horror movie …..

but, there was this smell.........

Not sure what that was. Maybe "Home Cookin'" .

Stayed at Bob's cabin for the first two days (Thanks Bob, Irene and little Baxter)

Got some river fishing in ….

and a few on the lake ….

Even made it up to West Yellowstone

Bob and little grey Baxter came by the last night to say bye ….

The weekend was way tooooooo short …..

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