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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Utah On The Fly annual "Freeze Your Bums Off" rendezvous..

Hit Heber this morning at 8:30 a.m. and headed to CHICKS for the rendezvous with the rest there to fish the Utah On The Fly annual "Freeze Your Bums Off". Westy, Cort, icthy's and a couple others I am not familiar with were having a little breakfast. My brother in-laws, Tracy and Greg (aka: Pokymon) showed up and joined in on the fueling. We then hit the river and the temp was a balmy 18 degrees. Cloudy grey sky, but no breeze.. WAHOO!

We headed out south (Family that is) I spotted a nice stretch and cast away. I was using a #22 Olive emerger with a #22 Olive WD40 dropper. First fish on the WD:

Took the fish on both flies:

Got to try out the T.L. Johnson rod I built and LOVE IT:

My guys did just as well down river:

Some little guys, but still a blast on Glass:

All fish were released:

What a great SATURDAY!!!!!


featherhook said...

Thanks for posting. Sorry I didnt get a chance to introduce myself on Sat. We did talk with you brothers in-laws for awhile during our lunch. Greg & my buddy Ebon, both from I-da-ho, knew several people in common.

Joni said...

right on! Yea I wish I knew more people on UOTF by face at least.
Did you guys have a good time?

Anonymous said...

g. It's -25 (Celsius) here, salmon won't arrive for another 6 months!!! We'll just have to watch our Southern Cousins on the 'Net for a few more months!!

Tight Lines!