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Monday, August 17, 2009

Four Cast Four - Species Day on the Upper Provo/Unitas waters..

Ive been reading a lot locally about catching the Grayling and the upper Provo/Unitas area. This got me to thinking about hitting it this weekend.

With fishing gear and my annual pass in hand we set off to do some fishing.
We did not take our waders or tubes so fishing the river banks was the plan of the day.

We get up to Washington and hubby said let's go. We had Baxter with us and I knew he was going to love all these trees.

It seemed like it took an eternity to get there. The walking seemed to go on forever....I WANNA FISH!!! Don't get me wrong, I loved the walking through the trees and all that, it's just...I WANNA FISH!!!!

I was getting cranky and really anxious to be on the water doing some FISHING! To top it all off, I had my bamboo and my 10' TFO (thinking it would be a nice edge on the shore fishing.) in hand while walking through the forest. At one point I look up and the top section of the TFO is gone. Let me tell you one thing for sure…. NO ONE WANTS TO BE AROUND ME AT THIS POINT!!!! . To keep themselves safe from harm hubby and Baxter backtracked and found it.

Well now we are dealing with COLD! and wind in the face. I was not quite dressed for the 8,000 foot more or less elevation.I decided to give it my best and calm down.

I tied on a big dry like a Tarantula. Rolled it on out there and a couple of good slams on it but no hookups. So I attached a 20" dropper with a fly tied by Lance called "THE GUN SLINGER". Rolled it on out and BAM .… on the Gun Slinger I get a ….


Rolled it out again and BAM! ... again on the Gun Slinger I get a..


As I roll it out again Im thinking.. thirds times a charm and then BAM!...the GUN SLINGER comes thru again with ....


Okay, I am a little freaked about now and thinking what a killer fly this gun slinger is. I cast out again, this is my forth cast with the nymph.....BAM!! … I hook a ….


CRAZY!!!! I caught more rainbow and brookies but had to time it between wind gusts. even got this brookie on thebig old dry fuzzy ....

Besides being very cold and wind in the turned out to be a pretty great day….. FOUR CASTS …. FOUR SPECIES !!!!

Baxter loved many trees and so little him...

Hubby and Baxster leading the way....

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Bill S. said...

Sounds like fun!!!! I am hiking into Beulah Lake inside the park to fish this Friday.